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The Best DIY Wedding Favors

Weddings can be expensive. Between your dress, the venue, and catering, you might find yourself reaching the end of your budget. However, there is no need to go into meltdown mode. Trimming the fat is totally doable. Most Houston wedding planners agree that doing your own wedding favors is a great place to start when looking to keep costs down. To help get those creative juices flowing, Pomp & Circumstance has put together a list of the best and easiest DIY favors.
Photo Credit: D. Jones Photography

  • Have s’more love. Whether you are getting married in the summer, fall, or winter, s’more kits make excellent favors. Buy chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows in bulk and choose your packaging. Mini boxes or even plastic cellophane bags make adorable favors.
  • Impress your guests with the spice of love. Give out little bottles of your favorite spice. Or if you are feeling extra fancy, create your own marinade to give away. Plastic spice shakers can be bought in bulk and are fairly inexpensive, as are large quantities of most spices.
  • Let love grow. Seed packets are an excellent DIY favor idea. Plus, they are so inexpensive. You can choose your favorite flower or plant, buy a bunch of seeds, and custom design your own envelope to put them in. Your guests will love being able to have a memento from your big day that they can watch grow in their garden.
  • Give the gift of a candy bar. Now this could mean a lot of different things. If you are a big fan of chocolate, order a bunch of your favorite bars and design a custom sleeve to put them in. Or you could have an actual candy bar. This is basically just a table full of an assortment of candy. Your guests can serve themselves and take their selections home in a goody bag.
  • Show your guests that you are “mint to be”. Take rolls of mints and wrap them in paper themed around your wedding. You can also just settle for small favor bags full of after-dinner mints or even gum.
  • Warm up with cocoa. Individual hot cocoa mixes not only look adorable, but are light on the wallet as well. You’ll need to find either glass or plastic favor flutes; plastic favor cones can work too. Then, you can layer cocoa mix, creamer, sugar, sprinkles, or even marshmallows to make the layers more defined. Tie some ribbon around them or stick some labels on the package and voila: the perfect favor!
  • Choose the perfect match. Mini matchboxes are an adorable wedding favor. Design the boxes to match your big day, or stamp them with your wedding monogram.
  • Give them something they can dance to. Create a playlist of all of your and your spouse’s favorite songs. Present them to your guests in specially designed sleeves fitting your personalities. Everyone loves a good love song!
  • Spread the love around. Give your guests a small jar of your favorite spread. This could be homemade jams, jellies, or even honey. Create round stickers to put on the top or tie them with ribbons and twine to match your colors.
  • Send them a message in a bottle. If you are having a beach wedding, leave your guests a sandy token of your gratitude. Write messages on small pieces of paper and place them in vials of sand with corks sealing them.

No matter what you choose to give your guests as favors, make it a reflection of your style. It doesn’t need to be pricey to be memorable!

Photo Credit: Joseph West Photography

Grand Exit Ideas for the Bride and Groom

Credit:D. Jones Photography
Photo Credit: D. Jones Photography

Your wedding day marks the start of a new life. From the first dress fitting to the first dance, you have poured your heart and soul in to the celebration; the grand exit with your spouse should be no exception. This is your chance to go out with a bang and it should definitely be fabulous. With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect way to finish your big day. To make your planning easier, here are some great exit ideas from Pomp & Circumstance.

Give your guests things to throw. Exiting your wedding under a cloud of beautiful flurries is classic. You can give your guests a pouch of confetti as a favor that can also double as a prop for your exit. You can even tie it into the theme of your wedding. If you are getting married in the winter, pouches of glitter confetti will tie in nicely with the feel of the evening. Or for a beach wedding, give each guest a beach ball and have them throw it in the air when you leave. You can do the same with bubbles, flowers, leaves, sprinkles, and even paper airplanes. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, try bird seed. Make sure your guests know that these favors aren’t to be used until the exit. Designing a package with a cute saying is a great way to let them know when they are to be used and what they are for.

Credit:Joseph West Photography
Photo Credit: Joseph West Photography

Give your guests things to hold. Maybe you aren’t wild about dusting rice out of your hair—even if the pictures are amazing. If that’s the case, give your guests things to hold instead. They can still double as favors or they can simply be something used during your exit. This can be anything from colorful balloons to white handkerchiefs. If you are looking for a crazy idea, run through a tunnel of silly string. Another fun idea is to make wands made of ribbons. Your guests will each take one and wave it around as you run through them to your happily ever after. As a tip, if you want sparklers, make sure you buy the extra-long ones. The regular length will burn out before you get to the end of the line! Creating a corridor for you and your spouse to run through will create timeless photos and great memories for your guests.

Adding a touch of your family’s history is another sure way to leave an impression on your exit. Having a line of bagpipes, or even recreating your grandparents wedding exit will create a legacy, bringing both families together. Even something like your family’s favorite line dance could be done as you leave. Talk to your parents and other family members to see if there are any traditions that you can implement into your exit.

Credit:Kimberly Chau Photography
Photo Credit: Kimberly Chau Photography

If having your guests participate in your grand exit isn’t your style, no problem! Maybe for you it’s all about the costume. Many brides enjoy having a completely different outfit to leave the reception in. If you have had a vintage-inspired wedding, maybe dressing up in period-appropriate attire will be exactly what you want. For a great exit from a beach wedding, rent a small boat and have your lover row you away from shore while your guests bid you farewell. Or consider having a vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage to sweep you and your husband off to your honeymoon.

Whatever you and your soon-to-be spouse choose, it should reflect your personalities. This is the moment when you will run off to begin your lives together. It should be something special. Lastly, be sure to share any ideas you might have with your Houston wedding planner so he or she can make all of your grand exit dreams come true! Happy planning!

oh lovely grey gray: wedding inspiration

Grey or is it gray?  Either way you spell it, we are absolutely obsessing over this classic and romantic color for all seasons.  Here is some gorgeous, eye candy for your own wedding planning inspiration.Grey Gray Wedding InvitationsThe combination of grey with a pastel hue, such as pink, soft blues and yellow creates the perfect balance; a touch of polished, and a dash of feminine.

Photo credits:  Left invitation suite found on Snippet and Ink.  Right invitation suite found on 100 Layer Cake designed by the bride herself.

Gray Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Photography

Incorporating grey to a neutral color palette adds dimension and interest, whilst also reminding us of a vintage sweater or comfy throw blanket.  The combination of sophistication and comfort are perfect for your Big Day, and the groom will be thankful as well!

The above image by Bayly & Moore Photography found on Ruffled Blog.

grey his and hers wedding shoesWho doesn’t love a Chanel pendant? Who doesn’t like a dainty bow? The juxtaposition of this sweet sling-back sandal, with the warmth of the pewter pop of color is just the right amount of refinement and elegance you need.

Photo credit: Left image found on Wedding Chicks. Right image found on Wedding Chicks.

bridal party photos grey gray wedding ideas photography

Incorporate a bold hue in your bouquet or hair accessory and transform your pale grey color scheme from cosy to contemporary.

or The above image by Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography found on Style Me Pretty.

Grey Gray Wedding Cake Ideas

Most of us have chanced the ombré trend a couple of seasons back, from our hair, to the cute Maxi dress you found on sale at Nordstrom. But what about a dove grey ombré cake, with romantic texture and precise execution. Exhibit A knocks our socks off…well more like our Chanel sling-backs!

Photo credit: Left wedding cake found on Tumblr. Right wedding cake found on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Ron Miller Photography.


Your bridesmaids will be thrilled when they know you’ve chosen a hue for them that is both flattering and transitional. Your girls will compliment you perfectly in a sophisticated palette and flirty hemline.

Photo above found on Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Grey Gray Tablescapes Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Have your florist add grey fillers to your arrangements, and instantly you will add depth and dimension to your centerpieces.

Photo credit: Left image found on Carats & Cake. Right image found on Burnetts Boards and photographed by Melanie Gabrielle.


Blush in Love Inspiration Styled Shoot

Our Blush Inspiration Shoot was featured on Style Me Pretty!  Dream.  Come.  True.  We had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing team of vendors on this one.

blush wedding inspirationFrom the lovely Maria Maxit, collaborator and owner of Maxit Flower Design:  I believe every young girl has a fantasy of their perfect wedding day, and I was one of those girls once.  As I looked for inspiration for this particular shoot I tapped into that young girl and the fantasy she created.  I remember being in love with pink, ruffles and flowers.  That transitioned into Blush in Love, a shoot with that small girls fantasy becoming an adult ladies reality.  Pink turned into blush, ruffles turned into gorgeous confetti linens and flowers…well that was the easy one.  With these ideas in mind we gathered some of the best vendors in Houston and put together a magical shoot that combined gorgeous flowers, detailed planning, hair and make-up artistry and a talented photographer to pull it all together._DSC4962



Wedding Stylist, Planner and Design:  Pomp & Circumstance

Photographer:  Joseph West Photography

Floral Design:  Maxit Flower Design

Event Rentals:  EB Inc (Elegant Beginnings)

Hair & Makeup:  Hey Lovely Makeup

Accessories, Bridesmaid Dress, and Wedding Gown: BHLDN

Venue:  Gremillion Gallery, Houston TX

Invitation Suite and Custom Paper Details:  Copper Willow Paper Studio


Click HERE to see more photos on the Style Me Pretty feature!


So you’re engaged! Now what? The next steps.

So you’re engaged!  Hooray!  Time to celebrate!   But wait.  What do you do next?  Keep reading for the 6 things you need to do right after you get the ring, in order of importance.

1.  Pick up the phone!  Be sure to make those extra important phone calls to family and close friends BEFORE posting all over social media.  Everyone wants to celebrate with you, personally, not read it on Facebook.

houston engagement photo shoot stylist

One of our styled engagement photo shoots above from our wonderful bride and groom, Mai and Aaron.  Photo credit:  Kimberly Chau Photography

2.  Save the date, rather a preferred timeframe, season, or month.  It will not only help you get started on the next steps in planning, but save you the headache when people start asking:  “so, when is the wedding?”  Remember, getting your heart set on a specific day, isn’t always beneficial prior to finding your venue.  In Houston, April and October are the most popular months to get married.  Venues book these popular seasons more quickly than days.  Occasionally, the rental fees or minimum are higher for the Saturdays in these peak wedding months.  Don’t rule out Friday evenings or Sundays entirely, until you find your venue and look at your budget.  Set the ideal timeframe, but remember, flexibility is key.

wedding checklist

3.  Begin working on the guest list, and be sure to include your parents in this process.  Start with a preliminary list from both sides.  Prioritize.  It will help later down the road if or when cuts are needed.  The more people you invite, the more money will be needed for just about everything.   The difference between 150 and 200 guests can be a world of difference when discussing budget.   Remember, don’t forget that  invitation or address does not usually amount to 1 invitee.  What I find most often is that our couples overlook the size of the family or +1 guests for those singles.  Just because you need 100 invitations, does not mean you’re inviting 100 people.  The difference between inviting 100 people and 250 people, might have just blown your budget.

4.  Have the big budget discussion.  Weddings are generally one of the first big expenses in a couples’ financial life together.  Remember, even a simple or small wedding costs money, most of the time more than you ever imagined.  Before diving into planning or even the daydreaming, it’s important to stay grounded.  Who is paying for the wedding?  How much is family or you as a couple able to contribute?  Dreaming big is fun, but you don’t want to get your heart set on that Pnina wedding gown if you can’t afford it.  Champagne dreams and caviar wishes can create a broken heart in the end if the budget just doesn’t allow it.   Stay grounded and have that budget discussion first.

houston wedding planner package prices

**** The typical wedding budget Pomp & Circumstance wedding planners work with in Houston is $25,000 – $75,000.  The appropriate budget is 100% dependent on the size of guest list.

5.  Daydream!  Now, it’s time to pin your heart out.  Search wedding blogs and buy the magazine now!  Its time to get creative and find the things you’d love to incorporate into your big day.  Pinterest is really a great tool to organize all these ideas.  If you don’t want to let all the world into your plans for the big day, create a secret board.  However, it may be a good ideas as well to create a group board for your besties and mom, maybe a sister to pin some of the things that they dreamed for you….especially mom.

6.  Hire a wedding planner to coordinate the big day! Review the elements of your wedding that’ll take a little planning—negotiating with bakers and caterers for the best prices, finding the ideal venue, organizing party favors—and figure out if those are tasks you want to tackle alone or if you’d rather hire a wedding planner (stress reduction and a little time-saving sounds nice, right?).  One of the things I’ve noticed former brides saying most often is they wish they had at least hired a day of coordinator.  If full planning doesn’t fit in your budget, definitely consider a day of coordinator.  Many venues and ceremony sites offer day of coordinating as an included service.  Don’t be fooled!  This is NOT the same as hiring a wedding planner.  More often than not, the coordination of this “included” service ends after you walk down the aisle.  From there, you, your friends, and family are left with trying to rally the troops for photos after the ceremony, find the limo to transport you to the reception, make sure that tables are being greeted, the cake gets cut, you have champagne in your glass when it’s time for the toast, and oh wait!  Where is that gorgeous cake cutting set you received as a wedding gift and why isn’t is on the table for you to cut the cake?  That’s what we do, the amazing, hardworking wedding coordinators.  We work that 18 hour day so you don’t have to.  We also make sure all your vendors show up with exactly what they were contracted to bring (and that they were contracted for the correct amounts of things like linens and napkins).  Escort cards are displayed in the correct alphabetical order in order for everyone to easily find their place.  Pass out the favors and sparklers for the grand exit.  Herd the guests in a line, light all the sparklers for that amazing grand exit photo op, and ensure that the Rolls Royce is waiting at the end of that glowing sparkler tunnel for your getaway to a luxury hotel….where extra slices of your cake and that dinner you never had the chance to eat is waiting for you at the end of the night.  Make room in that budget for a wedding coordinator.  You absolutely won’t regret it.

engagement wedding stylist houston

Photo credit:  Kimberly Chau Photography

NYE Party into 2014!

It’s mid December and 2014 is going to be here before you know it! When it comes to ringing in the new year, parties vary from bold and lavish to intimate gatherings at home. Regardless of what your plans are, we have gathered some fun NYE party ideas to spice up your night!


New Years 2014Clockwise from top left: Black & White Empire Waisted Gown, 2014 Glasses and MustachesKate Spade Pop Fizz Clink,  2014 Banner.

New years Gifts

Clockwise from top left:  Well Wishes Glasses, Kendra Scott Luxe Earrings, Countdown FavorsErin Fetherston Cocktail Dress,

New Years Party IdeasClockwise from top left: Star GarlandPop Fizz Clink Balloons, Bourbon and Boweties Bracelets 

2014 Party IdeasClockwise from top left: Naeem Khan Beaded Dress, New Years Eve Blush Florals, , NYE Straws


For the party goer and thrower, try to master “Cheers” in one of these 50 languages! We love the idea of writing each of these down on fun paper and having them around the party so people can play around with toast before the countdown begins!