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Engagement Etiquette 101

It’s officially engagement season! With the stress of the holidays and a new engagement, our Houston wedding planners are here to offer our advice for future brides.

You’re engaged! Now what?

First things first, no social media until family and close friends have been told. We know how exciting it is to get engaged, but you don’t want your parents or best friends finding out you’re engaged via Facebook when the rest of the world finds out! Once family and anyone especially close to you has been informed, then you can let the world know about your engagement.

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Now that you’ve experienced the high of getting engaged, it’s time for the uncomfortable budget talk. No one wants to actually sit down and do this, it can be awkward and difficult, but this will help start the wedding planning process. Traditionally the bride’s family pays for everything minus rehearsal dinner and personal flower costs, sometimes even the entire wedding. Although this may have once been the norm, we’ve seen many different versions of budget breakdowns. We’ve had parents from both the brides and grooms side offer money towards the budget, which they then get to delegate how it will be used. Sometimes, the bride and groom will add to the pot themselves in order to have exactly what they want. Lately, we’ve noticed lots of grooms and their families paying for the bar at the reception!

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Once you have a budget in mind, start the guest list! If you’re considering consulting a wedding planner, it helps to have an idea of the number of guests before you meet with them. Having a number in mind along with budget helps our wedding planners better help you! We love when our brides come in with ideas about what they are looking for. Feel free to bring in pictures or share your Pinterest board with us. Don’t have a clue what you want? We can work with that as well. Just make sure you trust the planner you decide to hire. Our job is to make you 100% happy when it comes to your big day!

Now go out and show off that beautiful ring future Mrs., we can’t wait to hear from you.

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