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Your wedding day marks the start of a new life. From the first dress fitting to the first dance, you have poured your heart and soul in to the celebration; the grand exit with your spouse should be no exception. This is your chance to go out with a bang and it should definitely be fabulous. With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect way to finish your big day. To make your planning easier, here are some great exit ideas from Pomp & Circumstance.

Give your guests things to throw. Exiting your wedding under a cloud of beautiful flurries is classic. You can give your guests a pouch of confetti as a favor that can also double as a prop for your exit. You can even tie it into the theme of your wedding. If you are getting married in the winter, pouches of glitter confetti will tie in nicely with the feel of the evening. Or for a beach wedding, give each guest a beach ball and have them throw it in the air when you leave. You can do the same with bubbles, flowers, leaves, sprinkles, and even paper airplanes. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, try bird seed. Make sure your guests know that these favors aren’t to be used until the exit. Designing a package with a cute saying is a great way to let them know when they are to be used and what they are for.


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Give your guests things to hold. Maybe you aren’t wild about dusting rice out of your hair—even if the pictures are amazing. If that’s the case, give your guests things to hold instead. They can still double as favors or they can simply be something used during your exit. This can be anything from colorful balloons to white handkerchiefs. If you are looking for a crazy idea, run through a tunnel of silly string. Another fun idea is to make wands made of ribbons. Your guests will each take one and wave it around as you run through them to your happily ever after. As a tip, if you want sparklers, make sure you buy the extra-long ones. The regular length will burn out before you get to the end of the line! Creating a corridor for you and your spouse to run through will create timeless photos and great memories for your guests.

Adding a touch of your family’s history is another sure way to leave an impression on your exit. Having a line of bagpipes, or even recreating your grandparents wedding exit will create a legacy, bringing both families together. Even something like your family’s favorite line dance could be done as you leave. Talk to your parents and other family members to see if there are any traditions that you can implement into your exit.


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If having your guests participate in your grand exit isn’t your style, no problem! Maybe for you it’s all about the costume. Many brides enjoy having a completely different outfit to leave the reception in. If you have had a vintage-inspired wedding, maybe dressing up in period-appropriate attire will be exactly what you want. For a great exit from a beach wedding, rent a small boat and have your lover row you away from shore while your guests bid you farewell. Or consider having a vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage to sweep you and your husband off to your honeymoon.

Whatever you and your soon-to-be spouse choose, it should reflect your personalities. This is the moment when you will run off to begin your lives together. It should be something special. Lastly, be sure to share any ideas you might have with your Houston wedding planner so he or she can make all of your grand exit dreams come true! Happy planning!