Brittany & Sean had a lovely vision for their wedding, and they chose Oak Tree Manor in Spring to carry out their rustic boho-chic nuptials. The ceremony was to be set under the majestic 200-year-old oak tree that welcomes guests to the property. We kept an eye on the weather for a week, and it was certain—it was going to pour on their wedding day. Brittany’s optimism was contagious as she chose the weather report with the smallest chance of rain, or the forecast of rain later in the day when everyone would be safely partying inside the Grand Hall already, when we had to talk about the contingency. The day of the rehearsal was bright and sunny, which actually made it worse, as we knew this wouldn't be the case on their big day. But Brittany and Sean were just so excited to get married, they didn’t care whether it was inside or outside. And that they did.

It was a sunshine-filled morning, leading into an overcast afternoon and the decision had to be made. As Brittany was getting her hair and makeup done, nestled amongst her bridesmaids, I let her know we’d be moving the ceremony inside. And she just smiled and said “OK!” Luckily, Brittany & Sean had a sweet first look under that beautiful oak tree, and the wedding party joined for some breathtaking photos outside before the storm hit—just minutes before they walked down the aisle. It was just as perfect, just as stylish, and just as surrounded with the love of their family and friends as it would have been outside. The party continued into the rainy evening, subsiding just in time for them to have a lovely send-off. Things may not have gone as planned, but it was still the perfect day!

Read what Brittany and Sean have to say about their wedding planning experience with Pomp & Circumstance Events!


What was your favorite part of the planning?

Brittany: My favorite part of the planning was making the decorations for the wedding. I love to paint and make things and I felt like I could really get creative and be true to myself, almost everything at the wedding was hand made!

Sean: My favorite was the cake tasting, we went with Brittany's mom to meet Kristina at Buttercup Bakery, and the cakes were awesome.


What was your favorite moment from the wedding day?

Brittany: My favorite moment of the day was when Sean and I were waiting to make our entrance into the reception, we were sitting in a little room with the balcony door open by ourselves and it started to rain outside. It was an intimate moment with just me and him before having a busy evening with all of our guests, and it was perfect.

Sean: My favorite moment was the reveal when I got to see Brittany for the first time, she was so beautiful in her dress

What is one thing you knew you had to have to make your wedding very “Brittany & Sean?"

We knew we had to incorporate our cats (Kiki and Howl) into the wedding somehow, because they are our babies. So we had framed photos of them sitting at our spots at the bridal party table. Everyone who knows us knows we love our kitties!

Any advice for future Brides & Grooms in planning and on the day of the wedding?

Brittany: I know sometimes it’s hard to have control over this, but give yourself plenty of time! Our engagement was 2 years long, and it took that whole time to find the right venue and vendors, be sure we stayed under budget, and get everything together. I also highly recommend making an account on The Knot, it really helped me stay on track, and hiring a wedding day coordinator or wedding planner, it was amazing not having to worry about a single thing on our wedding day.

Sean: Eat a big breakfast in the morning, because the day is so busy you don't know if you will even have time for lunch, and you'll be starving by the time dinner rolls around.