Here it is. I’ve been sitting on the finale for this countdown more than awhile now. The truth is, I wasn’t sure yet what that end or beginning looked like yet. A few years ago, life took a major turn of events, which led to some major soul searching on my part. It was time for some self care. I traveled, found inspiration through amazingly talented industry leaders, severed myself from as much negativity as possible, rekindled old friendships, and meditated for what felt like months on end. Finally, in the stillness and silence, I found my peace. It’s clear that I LOVE love! As trivial as it may seem, I’m really good at this event thing too. True love and talents are gifts that should never be wasted. Growth and change is inevitable, but P&C isn’t falling off the map. The future is bright, sparkling like those diamonds on your finger. I’d close this post with something like the best is yet to come, but that’s not my truth. I believe there is no such thing as an experience that can outdo another. Every experience, every occasion, every day is awesome and unique in its own individual way, a lot like humanity. We’re all real people, perfectly imperfect. This just might be the beginning to a new happily ever after. #GoodVibesOnly #WeddingPlannerRealLife #happilyeverafter #houstonweddingplanner #destinationweddingplanner #WeddingPlannersArePriceless #SelfCare #pompcircumstance

In light of today’s news, we will always remember our first published on @stylemepretty.....#11 memorable moments in #pompcircumstance history 📷: @josephwest #smplittleblackbook

That time we carried all the vintage rentals down the block, around the corner, and up 3 flights of stairs. #13 in our countdown of memorable moments in #pompcircumstance history 📷 @josephwest

In no particular order, countdown of the most memorable moments in #pompcircumstance history. Number 18. The legendary picture perfect dream wedding. 📷 @mustardseedphotography

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